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THCS are pleased to offer our services onsite at a date and time that suits you. We have consultants positioned within the UK to be able to spend time to offer training, project guidance, onsite process studies etc.

By providing us with an indication of what objectives you want to achieve from a visit, we can ensure we come prepared with the solutions to assist you to move your processes forward.

With our unique partnership with both Siemens and Janus Engineering Germany, we have a full complement of tools and software at our disposal to help your projects maximise their potential.


What does an onsite THCS study consist of?

Commissioned by our clients to allow THCS onsite to review the manufacturing processes currently in place.

Takes the form of interviewing company personnel involved in the entire cycle – Technical Managers, NC Programmers, Machine Operators, Senior Management, IT etc.

Typical questions include an understanding of employee day to day roles, what is working well for them and where they feel extra resources are needed.

These discussions are done on a 1-2-1 basis to allow for individuals to express their answers in a fair format.

THCS will also request an understanding of the current software the company uses, to capture the digital portfolio of resources that employees are using.

 A typical study is usually completed within 1 working day

These results are consolidated into a presentation and report usually delivered within 10 working days summarising our findings. We call this the THCS Blue Book.


What feedback you will receive from us?

Based on all of the consolidated information, and our industry experience, we will highlight process areas that may be inhibiting information and process flow to enable you to make informed decisions to solve potential bottlenecks.

We provide you a summary through your unique Blue Book, with potential recommendations to consider which may assist your manufacturing processes.